Fine Art Nature & Intimate Landscape Photographer Jeanette Gruszczynski Cloudscapes

Jeanette Gruszczynski Photography Cloudscape section is comprised of collections and series based on cloudcapes and clouds formations. This section is mention to showcase the beauty in the sky with the different cloudscape and formations and how I saw them.



Ever since I was a child, I have loved to look up at the clouds and have always been drawn to the different forms they take depending on the day's weather.  As I got older, the love for them grew even more especially during a thunderstorm. They seem to tell a different story each time with their intense forms and shapes. This in turn, motivated me to start documenting them with my camera as I wanted to capture that moment in time for I knew I would never see it in that same way again. Years later, I still spend my time looking up at clouds but now I search for different formations not yet captured to add to my ever growing collection.

Below are collections and series I have captured over the years.