Intimate landscape photography for me is like a scene from a movie where the supporting players take center stage. It's nature's little vignette where I get to be up close and personal with various elements and create my own story.

So as a nature and intimate landscape photographer I have the opportunity to be outdoors. To explore, discover and steal away those quiet moments while appreciating those finer details that often gets overlooked by most. It’s not about the location that excites me it’s about the experience.

I am drawn to minimal landscapes and single subjects and my love of music and dance are my source of inspiration. The influences of music and how it elicit emotions and the way a dancer's movements creates lines, curves motivates and helps me convey the story I want to tell. This molds my photography and gives me the medium to express emotions and a sense of movement in an otherwise static subject. It is as if something about them pulls me in so that I may capture its essence and how I should show them to the world.

From a white dandelion, the woodlands, a cloudscape in a thunderstorm, or a quaint lake scene each has a story to tell and I feel for me these subjects, in particular, fascinate and draw me to photograph them. I love to show their uniqueness so I study each for their forms, shapes how I see them move and then translate all those components into my images.

It's a great source of joy to look back at my images and be transported to that time yet still feel the connection. It conjures up all the original feelings and the reason why I took them. My hope is for everyone who views my images to see and feel those emotions and be drawn into the story.